Premium Bamboo Diaper Size 2 (3-8 kg ) 32 pcs

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Leakage Protector Nonwoven, Top Sheet Non-woven, ADL, Coated Non-woven (TOP), Wood Pulp, SAP, Coated Non-woven (Bottom), Side Tape, Elastic Ear Tape, Elastic Waistband, Frontal Ear Tape Non-woven, PE Film, Backsheet, Non-woven, Frontal Tape, Spandex, Glue, Wetness Indicator Glue, Aloe Vera.

For maximum comfort when putting on the diaper, please follow the following instructions for use.

  1. Open the diaper and stretch the front and back elastic waist.
  2. Stretch the inner elastic of the nappy to ensure 100% leakage protection.
  3. The diaper is ready to be put on after making sure that you have completely opened the outer and inner elastic.

Organic Diaper

Kind to the environment and kind to your baby’s skin.

These diapers have many great features that make them an ideal choice for the comfort and health of your baby.
Firstly, premium bamboo is the main component of these diapers. Bamboo is a natural and environmentally friendly material, as it grows very quickly and does not require huge amounts of water and pesticides to grow. In addition, bamboo has an exceptional ability to effectively absorb moisture, keeping your baby's skin dry and preventing irritation and friction.
Secondly, bamboo has antibacterial and anti-odor properties. This means that Eco by Meshoo premium bamboo diapers help keep your baby clean and fresh at all times.
Third, bamboo is a natural material that is soft on your baby's sensitive skin. It is free of harmful chemicals and toxic substances that may cause irritation and allergies. Additionally, bamboo allows the skin to breathe and maintains its natural moisture balance, which helps keep your baby's skin soft and healthy.And of course, we can't forget the important environmental aspect of these diapers. Eco by Misho diapers are very environmentally friendly, as they decompose quickly and contribute to reducing plastic pollution. They are also designed to be naturally biodegradable and are a sustainable choice for families who want to preserve the environment.

Innovative design

One of the most important features that distinguishes Eco by Misho diapers is their super absorbency. It is designed in a way that allows it to absorb a large amount of wetness and liquids, keeping the baby dry for longer and preventing chafing and irritation.
In addition, Eco by Misho diapers feature a smart design that provides maximum comfort for the baby. It has soft, flexible edges that prevent liquid leakage, and features a flexible and comfortable design that accommodates the movement of an active child.


Our diapers have undergone clinical application study under dermatological control.
From the clinical-dermatological point of view, no relevant skin reactions occurred; the product was tolerated excellently.
Neither intolerance reactions suggestive of irritation nor allergic reactions (contact dermatitis) were detected. Accordingly, dermatologically, there is no high potential for irritation and sensitization for the tested product when used as intended.


Eco by Meshoo diapers are products approved by several official and prestigious bodies, which enhances their quality and trust in them.

Our commitment to sustainability is evident in the numerous certifications we've earned. Our products are not only sustainable but also safe for both people and the environment.